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Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall

Special designs

Glass made to measure

Harzkristall is one of the last still producing mouth glass works, whose production program includes high quality lighting glass. As a traditional production company, we offer special designs and individual glass productions of all kinds for private and business customers. For over 70 years we have been serving our customers with tradition and experience in this industry.

Custom made glass

Special designs of all kinds

The extensive spectrum ranges from historical glass for historic preservation objects to object-bound lamp developments and special productions of an artistic nature.

In our smelter we have the possibility of classical production at the furnace, work on the lamp and fusing/casting to cold processing (grinding, sawing, drilling, sandblasting).

Historic preservation

Renting & Artists in Residence

Glass blocks


Hotel & Gastronomy

Custom made products

Historic Preservation & Restoration

As a specialist for custom-made products, we offer individual one-off products for the protection of historical monuments. The repertoire includes all common glass shapes, from foam glass to classic clear to cracked glass or (partially) frosted glass. In our catalog you will find a compilation of historical projects.

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Work with artists

Artists in Residence & Rentals

Already for several years renowned artists are active in our cottage. There are two possibilities of renting. Artists have the possibility to rent the kiln and produce themselves. Of course, artists can also have their glass objects made by us as classic commissioned work.

Carl Benz As a graduate of the master class at Burg Giebichenstein University, Carl Benz now works as a freelance artist and designer. He had the final project of his master class made in Derenburg.

Hubertus Dünnebacke Since 2010, Hubertus Dünnebacke has been working as a self-employed art blacksmith and building fitter. In his works of art and furniture, he combines hand-forged iron with cast glass, which he has made in Derenburg.

Pia Hoff The Dortmund native actually lives and works in Spain. Nevertheless, Pia Hoff travels around Germany from time to time and works in various smelters. In September 2020, she was our guest and produced her series "Confetti".

Anne Martin Has been working as a visual artist since 2019. Even before her diploma, she participated in exhibitions with her own exhibits made of glass, manufactured in the glass manufactory. In 2022, together with our glassmakers, she realized the project HALT, which will be shown from September 20 to October 30 in Halle in the exhibition of the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt.

Frida Nottrott In 2018, the artist Frida Nottrott worked on a project with the working title "End of Myths - Field Study Verdun", which was exhibited in October 2018 at the Lyonel Feininger Gallery in Quedlinburg. In this project, Frida Nottrott combined porcelain and glass and had 100 rotationally symmetrical tips made of glass produced. Her object reproduces the shells of tanks from World War 1.

Tobias Rehberger Artist Tobias Rehberger used 111 free-form drop lights in all spectral colors in his installation "Le Ghost" in the Art Archive of the Canton of Zurich. All the droplets were produced in Derenburg.

Röderhof Art Association Already 20 years ago, the Röderhof Art Association from Halberstadt was a guest in Derenburg for the "GlassWorkshop," and the project was revived in 2018. In October 2018, four selected artists lived and worked in the glassworks for a week. The project was supported by the Gerhard Bürger Foundation.

Manfred Schellhorn Manfred Schellhorn is a freelance artist. He is known, among other things, for his glass sculptures, which are particularly striking for their color contrasts. The glass objects have been produced in Derenburg for many years.

Fabio Vogel Fabio Vogel is a freelance designer and lecturer at the HAWK Hildesheim. Under his label "Vogel Studio" he designs glass objects of different styles. For the production of his objects Fabio Vogel is regularly active in Derenburg.

Carl Benz
Bird Studio, Photo: (c) Studio Tusch
Frida Nottrott
Hubertus Thinback
Röderhof Art Association
Manfred Schellhorn
Pia Hoff, Photo: (c) Baege
Tobias Rehberger, photo: © Tobias Rehberger, courtesy Kunstsammlung Kanton Zürich Staatsarchiv
Alpine hut "Einkehrschwung, Willingen, photo: (c) Einkehrschwung
The "Old School", Goslar
Restaurant HEINRICH'S, Schierke
Old Mint, Goslar
Villa Bodeblick, Schierke

Luminaires & Installations

Hotels & Gastronomy

For hotels and catering facilities, we offer a variety of classic drop lights and double sphere lights. As a manufactory we are specialized in realizing individual requests and new projects together with our customers. In doing so, we are able to produce quantities from 1 to N. Glass and fitting we can adjust individually to the customer.

Alpine hut "Einkehrschwung" in Willingen In spring 2019, the newly renovated Alpine hut in the Willingen ski resort was equipped with memorable 18 glass drop lights. This was done by varying between different sizes and colors.

"Old school" in Goslar Builder Dirk Junicke from Goslar has given new life to an old school in his construction project. Exclusive apartments have been created in an old school building in the old town of Goslar. The building was equipped with glass lights according to individual customer requirements.

"HEINRICH'S" in Schierke We equipped the restaurant "HEINRICH'S" in the vacation park DAS SCHIERKE with an exclusive installation of drop and cone lights in December 2017. The overall glass image is complemented by small drop lights above the tables.

Hotel "Alte Münze" in Goslar The renowned hotel "Alte Münze" in the heart of the old town of Goslar has extended the restaurant in the outdoor area with a glass pavilion. To match, the extension was illuminated with 14 drop lights in classic gray and amber.

"Mythenressort Heimdall" in Thale The "Heimdall" myth resort, which opened in 2019, is located in the heart of Thale and is surrounded by legends and myths. In addition to the hiking trail "Mythenweg" and the Harzer Hexenstieg, the "Bode" also flows not far from the hotel. Matching to this, the entrance area was equipped with our light series BODE, whose design is based on the stones in the Bode, which have been ground down by the water.

"Villa Bodeblick" in Schierke In December 2017, the hotel "Villa Bodeblick" in Schierke was newly opened. For the hotel, our lighting series BODE was newly developed. For the shape of the glasses, designer Annika Giesbert, who also did the interior design of the hotel, was inspired by the shape of the stones in the river Bode, which have been ground down by the water. The BODE series is available in three sizes.

Falconnier, cast glass and pressed glass

Glass Blocks & Monument Protection

Glass blocks are an important building block, especially in historic preservation contexts, in order to preserve the appearance and architectural style. We offer blown, cast and pressed glass blocks.

Kultur- und Jugendhaus Schappe Süd For the restoration of the Kultur- und Jugendhaus Schappe Süd (CD), 400 mold-blown Falconnier glass blocks were produced in spring 2018. The mold was produced according to a historical template.

Lokhalle Göttingen For the restoration of the "Alter Lokschuppen" project in Göttingen, around 8,000 glass blocks were produced in 1996 according to historical originals. These were blown into a three-part fixed-blow steel mold. The bricks are a replica of the original from the Art Nouveau period around 1910.

Motherhouse Elbingerode For the renovation of the "Motherhouse" in Elbingerode 250 glass blocks were produced. We produced the pressed glass blocks in cooperation with a partner glassworks that specializes in pressed glass.

St. Andreas Church in Rostock We produced cast glass blocks for the renovation of the St. Andreas Church in Rostock in 2018. In total, more than 300 glass blocks were produced according to historical models, which are framed in a large cross.

St. Michaelis in Göttingen The cross of St. Michaelis in Göttingen was filled with glass blocks. The design was created by the SOAN office, the bricks were produced in Derenburg.

Culture and Youth Center Schappe-Süd, Zurich
Lokhalle, Göttingen
Motherhouse, Elbingerode
St. Andrew Church, Rostock
St. Michaelis, Göttingen, Photo: SOAN
Bauhaus University Weimar
Giebichenstein Castle
HAWK Hildesheim
HfG Offenbach
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau
Berlin Weißensee School of Art

Foundation work and

University projects

Since 2013 Harzkristall is part of the Gerhard Bürger Foundation. As part of the foundation's work, we cooperate closely with various universities, which can implement different projects in glass in our smelter. For universities there is the possibility of financial support for the project phases in the smelter. You can find all information on the homepage of the foundation.

BAUHAUS University Weimar In December 2018, a "glass laboratory" was carried out with the students of BAUHAUS Uni. After a theoretical introduction and a visit to the archives on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the beginnings of the Bauhaus history were to be reappraised and translated into glass.

Burg Giebichenstein Halle Students from Burg Giebichenstein are regular guests at our hut. In 2018, students from the art department worked on various projects under the guidance of Sebastian Richter. Under the title "Old Forms, Re-thought", the aim was to find out whether old vessel or lamp forms from the glass manufactory's stock could be used as the basis for new objects or reinterpretations.

HAWK Hildesheim The University of Applied Sciences and Arts, together with Prof. Gerbracht and Schulz and Fabio Vogel, regularly uses the glassworks' production facilities for seminars and workshops. In addition to projects on the topics of "glass blocks" and "glass in outdoor areas", projects on experimental work with glass also take place.

HfG Offenbach In spring 2019, the university from Offenbach was in Derenburg for the first time. Under the direction of Dipl. Des. Andreas Klober and his team, a workshop on "Contemporary Concepts & Visions" took place.

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences from Dessau regularly uses the facilities of the glassworks for its projects. Together with Birgit Jobst and Milena Kling from the Design Department, various projects could be realized.

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee Together with Prof. Barbara Schmidt (professor of design with a focus on design and experiment), the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee is regularly in Derenburg to implement various projects. Currently, a project is underway that is scheduled to run for several years.

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