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The top topic in August 2022

New range of luminaires

We have expanded our range! In the online store you will now find a larger selection of lights, colors and sizes! Not the right one? Of course you can contact us directly with special color requests! Just write us a message!

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The top topic in July 2022

Guest glass engraver

From July 21 to 24, our engraving department will be staffed again! We are very pleased to welcome Alexandra Geyermann, a brand new face to our team.

Alexandra Geyermann is a state-certified glass designer and master glass engraver and has been working as an engraver since her master's examination in 1995. She teaches at the Zwiesel Glass College and is curator of the Zwiesel Forest Museum.

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The top topic in June 2022

New cottage range

In the last weeks we have been working on our new assortment in the area "Vases & Bowls". You can already find the first objects on the upper floor of our sales area. All objects of the new series always have our Brockenhexe as a stamp in the bottom. So it is recognizable at first sight: A real unique piece from the glass manufactory Harzkristall!

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The top topic in May 2022

New dates for creative offer

Tickets are still available for the Creative Days from May 11 to 15. Together with our glassmaker we will produce our own cup at the melting furnace. Please note that this offer is only possible with mask. Disinfectant for hands will be provided. Tickets are available online!

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The top topic in April 2022

New dates for creative offer

From May 11 - 15, after a long Corona break, we will again offer our "mug making" service. Tickets for this are available online in the ticket store. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer dates for "Casting Glass Hands" and "Baking with Glass" this year. If dates are available at short notice, we will inform you by e-mail. If you still have a voucher for one of these offers, you can of course redeem it as a shopping voucher in the store or return the voucher.

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The top topic in March 2022

From Derenburg to Derneburg

Whoever sits in the "glass house" should not throw stones, as is well known. And anyone sitting in the "glass house" of the Derneburg Castle Art Museum should certainly not do so. For recently, a colorful light installation has adorned the ceiling of the Glass House. More about the glass house can be found here!

The lights were donated privately by our managing director and foundation donor Gerhard Bürger. Gerhard Bürger, a native of Holle, the community to which Derneburg also belongs, has a special connection to Derneburg Castle. You can find more projects in the area of "lamp glass here!

Photo: Community Holle

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The top topic in February 2022

Berlin Weißensee School of Art

From February 3 to 7, students from the Berlin Weißensee School of Art will once again be guests at our hut. As part of a project supported by our Gerhard Bürger Foundation, the young designers will be working on various glass projects. They are supported by Torsten Rötzsch, an experienced glass designer. More about the projects of the foundation can be found here! Photo: Berlin Weißensee School of Art

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The top topic in December 2021

Artist Rentals

In the last newsletter we have already reported about the artist Martin Potsch, who has rented with us to make his particularly striking glass sculptures. In the meantime all objects are finished and arrived at the artist in Bavaria. As a small supplement we have here a few photos of the finished objects. You can also find more information about our rentals under "Glass made to measure"!

Photo: Gerald von Foris, Munich

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The top topic in November 2021

New creative offer

Baking at 1300°C? Sounds a bit hot, doesn't it? But luckily we know all about high heat! Baking at 1300°C" is our latest creative offer for small and large guests.

For this, a 3D baking mold is dusted with flour and then pressed firmly into the oil sand so that an imprint of the mold is created. This can then be filled with colored glass powder and then poured with glass. We have many different shapes to choose from, from unicorns to butterflies to guitars, it's all here!

"Baking at 1300°C" is a project of our trainees in the field of "Businesswoman for Tourism & Leisure". The new offer will take place for the first time on November 27 and will be offered regularly next year. Tickets will be available online soon!

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